Application Form for Event stall(s) or space

Application Form for Event stall(s) or space

Please provide a brief description of the items you sell.
Category of Stall
Do you propose using a generator or LPG?

We require a copy of the following documents:

  • Food Certificate (if selling food)
  • Public Liability Certificate (PLI)
  • Risk Assessment

Please use the upload below to send copies of these to us.

Maximum upload size: 516MB

Trading Terms

All ELDC stalls have boards that cover 10 feet x 4 feet.

No stall fees will be refunded within 21 days of the event day.

All generators must be positioned to the side of the stall/trailer and not on the footpath unless previously sanctioned.

You must book extra footage for stock displays and generators outside the stall area if you have an ELDC stall.

When using your own stall/trailer you must book footage for tow bars, generators and extra displays.


In order to maintain the quality of the stalls and also to avoid all events becoming identical some alterations to the mix of Traders will occur at these events.


There is no automatic right to attend or to be positioned as previously at our events, however if you have previously co-operated by fulfilling your liabilities and obligations then you will receive a more favourable response for future events.

Hire contract conditions - legal liabilities and mandatory obligations

Every stall/site hirer must:

  • Comply with current hygiene, safety, environmental health and trading standards
  • Comply in full with the fire precaution requirements where applicable.
  • Hold a current public liability insurance certificate for the respective dates.
  • Put in place a price list if selling food and/or drink
  • Not place 'A' boards in front of your stall/trailer – they are a potential hazard
  • If restocking is necessary during the event open hours this must be carried, STRICTLY no vehicles allowed while event is open.
  • At no time must you pack away during the event opening hours even if you are sold out!
  • Any Trader selling licensed items MUST ensure they have a TEN licence, this WILL be checked.
  • No Tombola unless previously agreed by the events committee
  • Following a previous incident when a window was broken in an adjacent property, all stall clips must face inward – your public liability insurance may be affected if this requirement is not adhered to.
  • If using an ELDC stall you MUST supply your own Green & White striped stall cover which MUST be in good condition.
  • Generators must be the silent type to be used during any LIT event.

All documents and Payment must be returned prior to us allocating you a stall.

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